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Welcome booksellers, librarians, book clubs, specialty markets, and other bulk buyers! Our online store now supports wholesale discounts and special bulk shipping options, all of which are designed to be competitive with traditional wholesalers such as Ingram. You're only a few clicks away from stocking up on quality RP books!


About Riptide Publishing

Riptide Publishing is a boutique publisher of some of the finest LGBTQ fiction, romance, and erotica available in print and ebook today. Created by industry professionals and LGBTQ authors who were hungry for more favorable editing, marketing support, and production values, Riptide Publishing seeks to fill a critical niche in the LGBTQ market: quality books, pristinely packaged, that will satisfy readers’ desires for rich, plotty, well-edited stories.

Riptide is a romance-focused house, but that’s not all we offer. First and foremost, Riptide publishes quality LGBTQ fiction. Erotica? Yes. Romance? Absolutely. But stories with LGBTQ protagonists or a focus on the LGBTQ experience also have a place at Riptide. From high fantasy to historicals to upmarket contemporaries, Riptide’s offerings would be at home not just on your LGBTQ shelves, but also on your genre and popular fiction shelves. Let our marketing and sales team assist you with all aspects of collection development and marketing.


About Our Books

Our print titles are produced via high-quality print-on-demand, in 5.25x8 trade paperback format, with EAN barcodes and human-readable pricing in multiple currencies on the back cover. Because we don't use traditional offset printing, we are not represented by a distributor, but our print titles are wholesaled via Ingram and can be ordered with your traditional stock orders. You may also purchase our print titles direct through Riptide Publishing at potentially much more competitive terms.

Our ebooks are available through Overdrive, the IPBA/Kobo partnership, the BiblioBoard library subscription service, or directly from us via highly competitive, individualized distribution agreements. All ebooks are available in mobi, epub, pdf, and html, and are DRM-free. We encourage you to keep them that way.

The best way to view our catalog is simply to visit our onsite title listings at http://www.riptidepublishing.com/titles. There you'll find comprehensive metadata and an industry-leading tagging/information system for our titles. If you're looking for a title to fill a specific niche, please visit our category page (http://www.riptidepublishing.com/titles/browse), where you can sort by genre, length, print availability, release date, author, themes, settings, heat level, era, and even the species of the main characters. Have an itch for a traditional vampire story set in a far-future dystopia with cyberpunk thriller elements and super-steamy sex between two men? This is the place to find it. Not sure what you're looking for but know you have a need to fill? Check out our interactive recommendation matrix, where you can view our editors' recommendations sorted by genre and heat level. You may also download our most recent catalog at the bottom of this page, though this is updated only two times per year and may be incomplete.


Wholesale Discount Schedule

  • 30% off all chapbooks (paperbacks $5 and under), no minimum amount

  • For all other paperbacks (minimum order 5 units):

    Item Count Discount
    5-9 40%
    10-19 45%
    20+ 50%
  • FREE SHIPPING in the continental US for 40+ units! (Outside the continental US, you will receive a shipping discount equal to the cost of continental US shipping.)

  • Your total discount will show on the final page of checkout.


Marketing Materials

Our marketing team works to build and maintain reader excitement about every release by implementing a custom blend of social media, print/digital promotions, and targeted outreach. Whether launching a debut author or heralding a longtime bestseller, we work hard to garner wide attention and accolades for our authors and titles, including reviews in national outlets like Publisher's Weekly, USA Today, Romance Times Magazine, Library Journal, and Dear Author, and recognition from juries at the Lambda Awards, EPIC Awards, Rainbow Awards, and more.

Let our marketing team assist you with posters, shelf talkers, bookmarks, postcards, author appearances (live or streamed), signed bookplates, and more, all available at no cost to you.

If you're a librarian responsible for community programming, we'd love to help you develop an event that highlights the rise of popular LGBTQ fiction and/or romance or erotica, and can provide fliers, bookmarks, postcards, posters, banners, local author speakers, and more to help make your event a success. Please contact marketing@riptidepublishing.com to plan.

If you're a journalist or editor seeking ideas, background, or quotes for an upcoming editorial, please contact rachel@riptidepublishing.com.


Review Copies

We know purchase budgets are tight, so many of our titles are available digitally for free review on Overdrive and NetGalley.

Our NetGalley catalog is available here: https://www.netgalley.com/catalog/list?by=publisher&pub_id=70017. In your galley request, please be sure to include the address and URL of your library or store, as well as verifiable information regarding your position at your organization.

If you'd like a review copy of a title not listed on those sites, or if you'd like to receive review copies in print, please contact marketing@riptidepublishing.com with your request.


How to Apply

Fill out our application form and we'll get back to you shortly with special account details. Please note that you will need your sales tax exemption or not-for-profit certificate to complete the application. Once you log in with your wholesale account, you're free to start shopping. The more you buy, the more you save! All discounts and benefits will be calculated automatically when you check out.

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