L.C. Chase

Art Director
L.C. Chase

Artist by day, author by night. One of L.C.'s very first drawings was adding bridles and saddles to an oil painting of wild horses when she was four years old. Mom wasn't very happy with the defaced painting, but a blank sketchbook and set of crayons solved the problem. 

Reaching professional artist status in her late teens, L.C.’s illustrations have been published in several periodicals and a sports training book. Her award-winning fine art and private commissions reside in personal galleries across Canada, the USA, France, the UK, Australia, and Switzerland.

In the graphic design field, L.C. has spent more than 20 years working in the publishing industry, from retail catalogues to newspapers and national magazines. L.C. is also a published M/M romance author. The melding of all these fields has armed L.C. with the skills and experience to manage a diverse stable of cover artists and design cover art and book layouts for Riptide. To see more of L.C.'s work, please visit lcchase.deviantart.com.

Covers by L.C. Chase: