Our Staff

Rachel Haimowitz Rachel Haimowitz, Publisher

As an editor, Rachel has worked at Avalon Publishing, Pearson/NAF, and Upper Deck Entertainment. She began where most of us do (with copyediting and slush pile reading) and eventually advanced all the way through to acquisitions and editorial team management. When she left Manhattan publishing to freelance, she went on to developmental edit a number of projects, including two national bestsellers and a 2010 ForeWord Reviews Book of the Year winner. She’s also worked as a ghostwriter and a copyeditor, and launched and operated a retail store for seven successful years before selling to focus on the world of publishing.

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Tal Valante Tal Valante, Webmaster / Senior Editor

Tal's passion in life is building worlds, whether digital ones using programming languages, or literary ones using plain ol' English. When she's not buried neck-deep in code, you can find her editing manuscripts, designing fantasy worlds, or torturing characters in her own original works.

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Alex Whitehall Alex Whitehall, Production Manager

If there are two types of people in the world, Alex probably isn't one of them, despite being a person. They will read just about anything once, although contemporary and fantasy are their favorites, especially if there's a touch of angst. Or maybe a heavy helping. They earned an English degree but never expected to end up in editorial and publishing like they always wanted; yet here they are, searching out their happy ending.

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Carole-ann Galloway Carole-ann Galloway, Acquisitions Editor

Carole-ann fell in love with LGBTQ fiction while completing her English degree in Nottingham. She loved studying literature but struggled to take her nose out of the books long enough to write her essays.  After a few years of queer theory, gender and sexuality studies, and creative writing, she had to join the real world, where they won’t let her read a book under the table.

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Danielle Poiesz Danielle Poiesz, Editor

Danielle Poiesz has run the publishing gamut since graduating from Boston University with a degree in English Literature. From sales and editorial, to business development, digital/online, and self-publishing, to strategic innovations and tech; from Macmillan, to Simon & Schuster, to Penguin, to freelance editorial work, she’s gathered a wealth of experience and worked with both debut authors and bestsellers. Danielle currently owns and operates Double Vision Editorial, working with a number of publishers (including the fabulous Riptide!) and independent authors at various stages of the editorial process, from developmental editing to cold reading to blurb copy and title brainstorming.

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Nevair Nevair, Copy editor

Nevair has been working in the editing/publishing field for more than fifteen years. She’s worked as a proofreader, copy editor, production editor, and developmental editor. Nevair started devouring books at age nine when her grandma told her reading would help her relax and fall asleep. Grandma was wrong because, ever since that fateful moment, Nevair has been sitting up until the wee hours reading until the morning alarm goes off.

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Paige Smillie Paige Smillie, Associate Production Editor

Paige graduated with a degree in English from Northern Illinois University because an Outdoor Editing degree does not exist. Most of her work is done up in tree branches, in parks, or on the shores of Lake Michigan. Nothing beats the combination of an outdoor adventure and LGBTQ fiction, especially when it involves red pens and comment boxes.

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Chris Muldoon Chris Muldoon, Associate Editor / Tag Wrangler

Now that Chris has obtained an Evil Day Job, she is free to pursue her dream of playing with the cool kids in the publishing world. An RN by day and a voracious reader by night, Chris has burned through three Sony eReaders in her pursuit of reading read every M/M book ever written. Chris joined the Riptide team as an intern and was hired immediately after as an editorial assistant. She's excited to be a part of Riptide, where she plans to put her love of tedious tasks to good use.

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May Peterson, Associate Editor

When May was a teenager, she decided that she absolutely hated the romance genre, and resolved to stick with her original passion: fantasy. However, years later when she discovered queer romance, everything changed. She found that she doesn’t hate romance—she LOVES it. She’s a big, sloppy romance fan, and couldn’t be happier about it. That makes two genres of eternal devotion! Now May spends most of her time writing really queer stuff—and now, to her delight, editing really queer stuff, too.

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Marketing and Sales
Grace Stack, Publicist

Grace has worked in marketing, social media, and advertising her entire adult life and has an MSc in psychology from a top 20 school that she uses every day. er clients haveH included Disney, Pandora Jewelry, and Keller Williams Realty, and she also boasts extensive experience in the book industry and the LGBTQIAP+ community. She is always looking for the next best way to get books into the hands of readers. She's taught seminars on social media marketing, blogging, and cracking the Facebook ad code. Now she enjoys working directly with authors to make their dreams a reality.

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Kelly Miller Kelly Miller, Marketing Associate

Pulling together experience with social media, project management, event organization, writing, and design, Kelly brings a range of skills to the table. One of her proudest achievements was leveraging those skills to bring a brand new convention, conceived in the minds of hopeful fans, to a successful reality.

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Kelly H., Sales and Marketing Assistant

Kelly’s degree in journalism and mass communication still comes in handy quite often, despite having been earned in the era of column inches and paste-up rooms. Her vehement impatience with overblown writing and meaningless jargon, honed by 20+ years of appeasing cigar-smoking news editors, tightly-wound corporate attorneys, and clients who can only specify what they don’t want, recently led her to pursue a different career.

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The Ethan Ellenberg Agency Ethan Ellenberg, Subsidiary Rights Agent

Ethan Ellenberg opened his literary agency in late 1984 after holding jobs at both Bantam and Berkley/Jove. At Berkley/Jove he was manager of the Contracts Department. At Bantam he was Associate Contracts Manager. He represents a wide range of book authors, though his specialty is commercial fiction. He is very active in Romance publishing with a number of New York Times Bestselling authors represented. He also does some non-fiction and has a strong children’s list including the Caldecott winner Eric Rohmann.

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Art Department
L.C. Chase L.C. Chase, Art Director

Artist by day, author by night. One of L.C.'s very first drawings was adding bridles and saddles to an oil painting of wild horses when she was four years old. Mom wasn't very happy with the defaced painting, but a blank sketchbook and set of crayons solved the problem. 

Imaliea Imaliea, Illustrator / Cover Designer

Imaliea is an Aussie artist and designer. From an early age she has loved to draw and paint people, beginning with Disney-like and anime characters and finally settling into a realistic style. Now she enjoys both creating original artwork and painting portraits, with the human figure (only sometimes including angel wings) always the main feature of her work.

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Simoné Simoné, Illustrator

Simoné is a South African artist and graphic designer specializing in both traditional and digital media. With a great passion for fantasy subject matter, she loves to create custom portraits and illustrations. Also known as "Dreamarian" (or "Dreamael"), her work has been featured in COLORED PENCIL Magazine and KULTüR Art and Fashion.

For more from this artist, visit: www.dreamarian.com.

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Amber Shah Amber Shah, Cover Designer

Amber is a budding author, an avid reader, and a slightly obsessive cover art nerd. When her friends got tired of her waxing poetic about typography and proportions, she figured out she should put her corporate design skills to good use. Since then, she has created covers and websites for publishers and indie authors.

When she’s not designing, she’s reading about hot sex between troubled characters or—even better—writing it. There’s a lot of imaginary in her world.

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Jared Rackler Jared Rackler, Cover Designer

Jared has been creating art since he could hold a pencil. His love of the written word is only eclipsed by his passion for the visual medium. It was this passion that drove him to create his first book cover as a gift for a friend's first published novel, and now he gives life to many more characters and their worlds.

You can find out more about him at jaredrackler.wordpress.com.

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Kanaxa Kanaxa, Cover Designer

Kanaxa is the alter ego of Nathalie Gray, author of over thirty novels of speculative fiction ranging from science fiction, to steampunk, to fantasy.  Her art, both written and visual, has won numerous awards, including RT for Best Science Fiction novel and multiple covers of the year awards. Her work has been featured in The Independent (UK), Men's Fitness (Australia), RT Book Reviews, and Realms of Fantasy magazines (US) and other publications. Over the years, Kanaxa’s input has been sought as part of panels during genre conventions and as a judge for contests.

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Petite-Madame VonApple Petite-Madame VonApple, Illustrator

Petite-Madame is a French illustrator who lives and works in Paris, France. A self-taught artist, P.M. lived several years in Japan and has been greatly influenced by Japanese culture and the works of artists like Oga Kazuo.

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Reese Dante Reese Dante, Cover Designer

Reese is a self-taught artist who has drawn from the moment she could pick up a crayon. Well, squiggle, but you've got to start somewhere. She studied every detail in photographs and played with different tools and media until finally settling with pencil portrait sketches. For the better part of her life, she dabbled in design work primarily as a hobby until an author friend approached her in 2009 to design a cover for his first release.

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Marisha Dudek, Photographer Marisha Dudek, Photographer

As a fashion photographer, Marisha has shot the runway for some of the leading fashion brands, such as Versace and Romance Was Born (to name a few).

Having trained with some of the greatest Australian photographers at Photography Studies College in Melbourne and majored in photojournalism, her love for fashion has grown and blossomed into creating amazing surreal works of art, each telling a unique story reflecting the subject.

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Dion Marc, Art Direction - Custom Photo Shoots Dion Marc, Art Direction - Custom Photo Shoots

Dion didn't have the easiest start to life But instead of allowing it to consume him like it has so many, he has channeled all the neglect and trauma into his work and it shows in his fine art works.

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April Lee April Lee, Illustrator

April Lee is a freelance illustrator (collectible card games, role-playing game books, prints and paintings) and a full-time computer game artist/animator (CD-ROM games). She has worked on collectible card games ranging from Magic: The Gathering to to RIFTS to Warhammer 40K, and on computer game properties ranging from Lord of the Rings to Dungeons and Dragons. Her art has also appeared in RPGs and magazines, and she has appeared as an artist geust of honor at several major events. To learn more about April, please visit http://aprillee.com.

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Christine Coffee, Cover Designer

Christine Coffee has worked as a professional graphic designer for over 15 years (and an avid reader for well over 30) doing everything and anything in branding and marketing. She has only recently decided to mix business with pleasure by creating book cover designs, and wonders what took her so long. She loves finding that "thing" that will make a cover unique to the story each author is trying to tell. Portfolio: coffeecreatescovers.com

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Croco Designs CrocoDesigns, Cover Designer

Croco Designs is a full-service design and branding company. We do everything from customized websites, facebook pages, and newsletters, to content management, social media, and editing. Now you can give your career a boost by making sure your online presence is perfectly poised to catch readers’ attention, increase your fan base, and keep you in the forefront of everyone’s mind while you work on the next story. Let us help you express yourself!

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Damonza, Cover Designer

Damonza.com was started by Damon Freeman in 2012 and initially focused only on book cover design. Since our launch Damonza Book Cover Design has designed well over 2000 covers, built a team of incredibly talented designers, formatters and support staff and grown our service offering. We have designed covers for New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Authors and helped writers turn their dreams into reality. Books that we have worked on as early drafts have been picked up by large publishers and are being made into movies. We love what we do!

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Del Melchionda Del Melchionda, Illustrator

Del Melchionda is a digital painter who creates figurative and landscape work with elements of fantasy. She has a background in fine arts and 3D animation with a particular interest in anatomy and figure drawing. Her work has been published in ImagineFX magazine, Ballistic Publishing's Exotique series, and as cover art illustrations.

More of her art can be seen here: delmelchionda.daportfolio.com.

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Garrett Leigh, Cover Designer

Garrett Leigh is an award-winning British writer and book designer, currently working for Dreamspinner Press, Loose Id, Riptide Publishing, and Fox Love Press.

Garrett's debut novel, Slide, won Best Bisexual Debut at the 2014 Rainbow Book Awards, and her polyamorous novel, Misfits was a finalist in the 2016 LAMBDA awards.

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Jay Aheer, Cover Designer

I have always loved art, always loved creating. I have never known a point in life when art didn’t take up a huge part of my life.  Since I was introduced to Photoshop that passion really came life. The ability to create literally anything, your imagination is your only limit.  I’m self-taught in Photoshop, but it soon took over my life. I joined various groups to gain as much knowledge of graphic design as I could. That morphed into studying graphic art as an actual degree, and now I am looking at getting my BA in Graphic Art and Design.

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Jordan Taylor Jordan Taylor, Cover Designer

Author of Wonder Dogs: 101 German Shepherd Dog Films, as well as fiction, poetry, and screenplays, Jordan has been writing since childhood. She illustrated her first book at age six and kept a constant interest in all things books and book art ever since. Somewhat more advanced in skill now than then, Jordan does graphics and illustrations, book covers, pet portraits, and photography.

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Leah Kaye Suttle, Cover Designer

With a lifelong natural obsession for books in all genres and 10+ years experience in the design industry, Leah has the passion, knowledge and creativity to bring your vision to life! You can view her body of work at www.leahsuttle.com.

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Lou Harper, Cover Designer

Lou Harper has loved drawing since she can remember. As a child, she would stay quiet for hours in the company of paper and colored pencils—to the delight of her mother. Eventually, Lou had to admit that her aptitude didn't equal her enthusiasm, and she threw herself into photography and then into digital image manipulation.

Lou started wrangling pixels back in the days when floppy disks ruled the world, and for many years made her living creating a wide range of content for web and mobile. She started designing book covers the same time she started writing.

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Mel Seser, Photographer

The universe of Mel Seser is intercepted by influences ranging from art direction to make-up and film lighting. Her style has been defined by the film, fashion and black music; as well as by Aldo Bressi techniques, and the visual language of Tim Burton and Woody Allen. Mel has built an intimate world that transcends time zones and borders from their publications in Brazil, Mexico, NYC, London, Canada, Australia and Italy.

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Melissa Liban, Cover Designer

Melissa Liban writes under two different pen names and through publishing her work, she fell into cover design. She soon then started designing book covers for other authors, and it quickly became one of her favorite things to do.

Even though she no longer lives there, she’ll always be a Chicagoan at heart. You can find her online at https://melissa-liban.squarespace.com or https://twitter.com/MelissaLiban

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Michelle Fairbanks, Cover Designer

With over 15 years experience, I aim to keep my designs fresh – simple, beautiful & balanced. Surrounded by nature and a short walk from the beach, all I need to feel inspired is right here …

I live by the motto “less is more” and keep my designs simple and unique … from branding to book design, logos, postcards, social media banners, bookmarks and more.

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Natasha Snow, Cover Designer

Natasha Snow has been a professional graphic designer for over 6 years. Her love of reading lead her into book cover design, and is thrilled to have finally found her niche.

To find out more about Natasha, please visit: natashasnowdesigns.com

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Roberto Quintero Roberto Quintero, Illustrator

View Roberto's gallery of paintings at elguaricho.deviantart.com.

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Shayne Leighton, Cover Designer

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Tami Santarossa, Illustrator

Born in 1996, Germany, Tami Santarossa soon developed a love for art. Starting with drawing mangas through to cartoonish styles in her early teen years, she later discovered photorealism and has since stuck to it, dedicating herself to drawing fanart. She also has a great interest in creating original pieces as well as discovering new styles and techniques. Lately she is testing herself in designing covers and posters. To see more of Tami's art or contact her for commissions, please visit http://lillilolita.deviantart.com/ or http://littleskrib.tumblr.com/.

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Victoria Colotta Victoria Colotta, Cover Designer

In January 2007, Victoria Colotta established VMC Art & Design in order to provide quality graphic design services to authors, small businesses, and the publishing industry. With a Bachelors of Fine Arts from the School of Visual Arts in New York City, Victoria is able to take her background in figurative drawing and abstract art and combine that with the technical aspects needed to create a visual portrayal of an idea or message. She looks at each project from all angles of the artistic spectrum.

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Vivian Ng, Cover Designer

Vivian Ng is an illustrator and occasional comic artist living in Mississauga, Ontario, working mostly in watercolour, ink, and digital media. Vivi's hobbies include watching children's cartoons, reading fanfiction, and drawing entirely too much fanart.


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Vongue Vongue, Illustrator

To learn more about Vongue's art, please visit her DeviantArt page at vongue.deviantart.com.

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eB Format, File Converter

eB Format does ebook conversions from any file format to MOBI(KF8), EPUB, Smashwords Style Guide specifications, and CreateSpace formats. We're your go-to team for professional service on a personal level at lower prices.

Please visit www.ebformat.com for more information.

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Atritex Atritex Technologies, File Converter

We are eBook experts who take pride in our work. Every task we do, we do it in such a way that we can showcase it. Our expertise is in ePub, Mobi, KF8, Fixed Layout ePubs, Read-aloud ePubs, and iBooks Author books, plus Microsoft Lit, Palm and other legacy formats.

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Hartley Singer, CPA/MBA Hartley Singer, Accountant

Founded and run by Hartley Singer, CPA/MBA, Singer Money Matters LLC can help you manage your company or personal finances.

Hartley has more than 25 years of work experience in accounting and financial management.  He is committed to a code of ethics, and works with his clients personally to ensure they receive the high-quality treatment each case deserves.

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