Our Pledge for the Future

We have heard the criticisms and critiques raised against us. We have listened closely to the voices that are telling us apologies are not enough, and we agree. The time for apologies is over. Now, we need to take action.

We’re reducing our voice in the LGBTQIAP+ book community until a time in which that voice is no longer causing harm. Riptide has grown in many directions, some of which have strayed from our original mission; now we need to prune the aspects of our company, our attitudes, and our message that are rotten. It’s time for us to take a good, hard look at ourselves and foster new, diverse voices to help us see what we’ve missed in the past.

We will be closing our unsolicited submissions box until our internal issues have been addressed. Regarding upcoming book releases, we will honor our commitments to the authors who have placed their trust in us. All authors who have sought to dissolve relationships with us are being given their rights backs.

It’s our responsibility to produce media that is helpful, not harmful, and given our current environment, we cannot be assured of fulfilling that responsibility. So, we’re going to change. The anger that has been directed toward us in the past days is justified, and we thank those who were willing and able to point out our flaws to us. We have work to do.

This is not an empty promise. Our work will be transparent to you as possible. When it’s ready, we’ll make public our road map for moving forward. And when we’re ready--when we have thoroughly addressed our internal issues and fully incorporated new voices--we hope we’ll be the company we meant to be from the start, and that you will consider allowing us to earn back your trust.

Rachel Haimowitz, Co-owner
Tal Valante, Co-owner