What are Bonus Bucks, and how do they work?

Bonus Bucks are our way of saying “Thank you!” to customers who shop repeatedly at our site. Why does that matter to us? Because third-party sites like Amazon and Kobo take 30% or more of the cover price of each book, leaving much less money for us to share with our authors.

Every time you purchase with us, you receive one Bonus Buck for each dollar you spend on books. When you’ve collected 50 Bonus Bucks, our website will automatically turn them into a $5 account credit. You can then apply that credit as you check out, as if it were cash!

Want to know how many Bonus Bucks you have or a history of all the Bonus Bucks you've ever earned? Simply click on the "My Account" link in the upper right-hand corner of your screen, then click on the "Bonus Bucks" tab. You'll see your current Bonus Bucks and Credit balances, and links to display your Bonus Bucks and Store Credit history.