Irresistible Attraction

Professors Connor Morrison and Steve Campbell run one of the busiest 3D optics labs on the West Coast, which doesn’t leave them much time for a personal life. Connor’s happily buried in his research until brilliant young physics student Wes Martin catches his attention. But what starts as a simple one-night stand becomes more complicated when Connor discovers how Wes has been paying his tuition.

After Connor and Wes work through their issues and start planning a future together, Steve realizes that his feelings for Connor run a lot deeper than friendship. Coming out at thirty-eight means learning how to date all over again, and Steve’s at sea in San Francisco’s gay social scene. Gil Alvarez, a mechanic struggling to make his auto shop a success, just might be the perfect guy for him . . . if they can get past Steve’s awkwardness and the secret Gil’s afraid to share.

Follow Connor and Steve on their respective journeys of self-discovery in this interlinked quartet of sexy, emotional novellas.