Toronto Connections: The Complete Collection

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Monday, November 14, 2016
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pdf, mobi, html, epub
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The winters might be cold, but hearts are warm in Toronto. Canada’s largest city is home to a big lake, a big tower, and a big queer community. People here are trying to get by like everyone else: pay the bills, deal with life in the city, and maybe find some happiness along the way with someone who’s sweeter than maple candy and more constant than a Canadian’s love for Timmie’s coffee.

For some, falling in love is a real challenge. For others, falling is the easy part—it’s the happy ever after that proves a little more difficult. But in the end, love is worth every complication, misunderstanding, and occasional swear word.

Each book in this series can be read as a standalone novel, but for maximum enjoyment, we recommend reading in order of release.

Blank Spaces (A Toronto Connections Novel)

Blank Spaces
Print release: 11/14/2016
eBook release: 11/14/2016
Word count: 88,700
Page count: 339

Finding Your Feet (A Toronto Connections Novel)

Finding Your Feet by Cass Lennox
Print release: 01/16/2017
eBook release: 01/16/2017
Word count: 78,800
Page count: 300
Warnings: emotional abuse

Growing Pains (A Toronto Connections Novel)

Growing Pains by Cass Lennox
Print release: 03/20/2017
eBook release: 03/20/2017
Word count: 70,100
Page count: 266

The Wrong Woman (A Toronto Connections Novel)

The Wrong Woman by Cass Lennox
Print release: 05/22/2017
eBook release: 05/22/2017
Word count: 80,300
Page count: 312

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