Kate De Groot

Kate De Groot, Editor

Kate is a freelance developmental and copy editor who began her career by critiquing her BFF's Mary Sue novels during sleepovers, age 14. In the years since, her course has zigzagged through academia and finance as well as publishing, in varying permutations. Her penchant for wearing sackcloth and pouring ashes over her head in mourning for the serial comma remains unchanged.

Her idea of a good time involves chasing plot bunnies into books like "Agricultural Rent in England, 1690-1914." The only movies she watches are animated, and though her TV is on for twelve hours a day, it's mostly for the music channels--the radio stations where she lives are lousy.  She happily engages with all forms of romance from Jane Austen to Youka Nitta. Every once in a while she writes one too, just to keep herself honest. But she would rather be reading yours.