Adara O'Hare

Adara O'Hare

Adara loves reading, writing (and arithmetic, and also Spanish—which happens to be the subject of her bachelor's degree), teaching, dogs, chinchillas, movies (which she quotes all the time), Star Wars, MUDs, anime, manga—which got her into yaoi, which got her into M/M romance. Her latest obsession is freemium otome games (where she's been wasting all her book money instead of getting books—the horror!).

She's been going to conventions for years, starting with Dragon*Con in the mid '90s, and then moving on to anime conventions, and then to Gay Rom Lit (Albuquerque). And one of these years, she's going to make it to Yaoi Con. Now she's a volunteer director of programming for a local anime convention, and a volunteer for the local Pride festival. She does still have an evil day job, but at least she likes the work, and it pays the bills—and it doesn't use the aforementioned bachelor's degree.

Adara has been married for over a decade to a man she met in an online game—not quite a whirlwind romance, but they really were married within six months of beginning to talk to each other—and they have two children who are vastly different from each other (and yet still always getting into trouble, which she blames entirely on her husband's genes, because she was the perfect child…except for that one time, but it wasn't at band camp—it was the 7th grade 4-H camp, but that's immaterial).

And…yeah. That's Adara. (If she sounds at all interesting, then this bio has done its job. She swears writing bios is ten times worse than writing book blurbs.)