Content Editors - Experienced

Primary Duties: 
Work with manuscripts--acquired through your own slush reading or assigned to you--on everything from large foundational issues (plot, characterization, themes, pacing, order of events, etc.) to line-by-line edits for issues like voice, flow, rhythm, consistency, build-up and release of tension, cutting words/lines that don't pull their weight, word choice, comprehension, grammar, micro-pacing, POV, logic, consistency of style and voice, fact checking, etc. You may shepherd some projects from acquisition to completion; on others you may perform only developmental or only line edits. Either way, you will likely do several passes on each manuscript. (The average manuscript goes through one to two rounds of developmental edits and three to four rounds of line edits, although the latter rounds of line edits move very quickly.) Since every house approaches editing in their own way, we will provide you with several example manuscripts to study before you take your first edit so you can see the level of detail we expect. We will also provide training in house style by reviewing your first edit or edits and offering feedback as necessary.
Required Skills: 
Intimate knowledge of story and sentence structure and analysis. Mastery of MS Word and the track changes function. Superb communication and time management skills; this is a people-oriented, deadline-driven job. Working knowledge of CMS and Merriam-Webster. Strong awareness of common genre tropes, approaches, and expectations. Solid researching and fact-checking skills. Familiarity with LGBTQ content, and specifically the LGBTQ romance market.
Required Experience: 
A minimum of two years of full-time or full-time-equivalent fiction editing experience at a publishing house, literary agency, or magazine at the Associate Editor level or higher; or extensive freelance experience with high-profile clients. Experience editing romance, erotica, and/or LGBTQ fiction.
Salary: $1 to $1.75 per 100 words for acquisition-to-completion jobs, experience and skill depending, plus sales-based bonus payments of up to $420 per novel-length project (more info on bonus payments will be given to qualified candidates; please list salary requirements without taking bonus payments into account). Line-only or developmental-only edits are pro-rated at 70% of your full rate for lines and 30% for devs. R&Rs pay a flat fee of $50 per project, and if the ms is ultimately acquired, the project will go to you, with your R&R payment applied to the final bill. Slush reading is done on your own time and is NOT a requirement of the job--read slush if it brings you pleasure and you'd like to hunt for projects you'd enjoy the most; don't read slush if you'd prefer not to and would rather be assigned mss by the Editorial Director. Please note that manuscripts edited during training (typically the first two to five, editor experience depending) will pay a lower rate. Once training is complete, you'll receive your full rate.
Queer editors of color are highly encouraged to apply. All editors must be able to commit to a minimum of six manuscripts per year, though one to two manuscripts per month will be made available to editors who successfully complete training.
How to Apply: 
Please send a cover letter, CV, and work samples, along with a list of published works you've edited and at least one professional reference (senior editor, managing editor, publisher, etc.; not freelance author clients unless your client is exceptionally high-profile in their genre). Qualified applicants will be asked to take a short test. Applicants who test well will train on live manuscripts with the Editorial Director.