Advance Reader

Primary Duties: 
Love reading Riptide books? Have a keen eye? Want the chance to read them for FREE before the release date? Riptide is looking for advance readers to pick up where our editors leave off. Even the best professional proofers will leave behind a few mistakes. Help us catch them before the book is public.
Required Skills: 
A sharp eye for catching typos and a passion for LGBTQ fiction.
Required Experience: 
No professional experience is necessary.
This is a volunteer position.
We're seeking to add to our advance reader program. Each reader will be offered multiple titles to review each month, and will be expected to select at least one title per month to remain active in the program. (You may pick any one or more titles that interest you; there is no obligation to read a book you don't want to read!) For more information or to request a test, please contact production manager Alex Whitehall (see below).
How to Apply: 
Please email a cover letter with any relevant personal or professional experience to Alex Whitehall. All applicants will be asked to take a test, and to review and agree to program terms before participating.
Application Email: